Every Wednesday morning at 10:00AM a group meets to discuss and explore one of the Lectionary readings for the coming Sunday.  The group is mostly led by Rev. Bill Booth.  There is lots of discussion and almost always a new way of looking at the Scripture.  We take the bible Seriously but not literally.   Our discussion relies on current modern interpretation techniques to find deeper meaning in the ancient text.

 Often, we review the historical context to understand the significance of the words or we might even consider the meaning of a word of phrase in the ancient Hebrew of Greek.  We always hope to find meaning that will inform our own spiritual journey.   Come join us: You don't need to have ever attended a Bible study before.

There is no special knowledge you require before you can join in.  We are open to questions, doubts, surprises, and learning for everyone. 

During the Covid 19 distancing find online links and information here: Online programs