Online worship instructions.

Joining our worship with your phone:

Any time after 9:30am on SUnday morning call this number

1 778 907 2071   you will be ask for a meeting ID enter on your telephone key pad  578 318 6702#
You should now able to listen to worship.  The service will begin at 10am exactly but you may hear others talking on the call. Say hello and your firends may already listening. 
If you already have used Zoom Click here for the meeting link: Sunday worship
If you haven't use zoom and are confident on your computer or tablet, follow the instructions after the link.  For ipads and other tablets an app will be needed.  Note that when asked you need to give Zoom premission to use your microphone and camera.
Good luck Friends, don't let the technology drive you crasy, just phone in if you need to.  
To use a computer to go online for the worship your computer should have a microphone and camera.  Most laptops have both.  Your desk top may not. However, you shoud be able to listen and watch on a computer without a camera of microphone.  
On an apple computer there is also an app to download.  If you know how to install an app is should be straight forward.  However, the app isn't reqired the link will take you to the zoom webpage and you can click on "join a meeting" on the top menu bar and enter the meeting ID which is
578 318 6702
This is the same process for a windows based computer.  You  have to give Zoom premission to open this application. 
Remember if you can't get connected using your computer you can still take part using your phone, even just a regular home phone. 
If you are online with a computer or tablet you wil be able to type in comments, quesitons, and prayer request using the chat feature. 
To enable a chat window on an ipad touch the three dots on the top right hand corner.  A pull down menu will appear and touch Chat and window will pop up with your screen key board. 
To enable chat on the computers: Find the Chat menu item on the tap menu bar.  
Take note our meeting host will control muting microphones but you can all mute both microphones and video.