Trinity Memorial United Church has a rich legacy of witnessing for the Christian Church in Abbotsford, from 1878 when Rev. Dr Dunn, a Presbyterian minister, came on horseback to minister to the needs of a few settlers to the present day.

In 1925 under the ministry of Rev. G. S. Paton, the question of union with the Methodist, Presbyterian, and Unitarian Churches was considered. That same year, a vote was taken and, with a positive vote of 35 out of 40, the United Church in Abbotsford was born.

In 1947 the cornerstone for Trinity Memorial was laid. The name Trinity Memorial represents the three founding churches and the memory of those who died during the world wars. As the Congregation grew, a Youth Centre was added in 1957. Renovations in 1974 brought Trinity Memorial to its present state. The years from 1974 – 1987 were a time of prosperity and optimism. With this in mind, a decision to build a second church, Gladwin Heights, was undertaken. Trinity Memorial raised $100,000.00 toward the venture and a significant number of the Congregation volunteered to transfer and help establish the new church.

In 1988, the historic decision regarding the Membership, Ministry, and Human Sexuality Policy was passed by the United Church of Canada’s General Council. Although this decision, at the time, was certainly controversial and caused much upheaval, it has stood the testament of time. Almost thirty years later, many mainline Churches are just now having these discussions within their congregations. Trinity Memorial has embraced an inclusive policy regarding Ministry personnel and same-sex marriage.

Throughout the years, Trinity Memorial has adapted to the changes needed to ensure a healthy and spiritual place for its Congregation, the wider Church, and the Community. Trinity Memorial has contributed to the support of United Church Student Intern Ministers and continues to support Intercultural Ministry, United Church Mission, and Service, and the 1st Abbotsford Scouts. A new initiative, Spiritual Path to Awakening (SPA), provides people with a path to finding their spirituality outside the Sunday morning norm.

Community involvement has long been part of Trinity Memorial’s tradition. Many non-profit and for-profit Community-based groups meet on our premises. Trinity Memorial participates with other Abbotsford Churches in the World Day of Prayer and in the Week for Christian Unity. They support First United in Vancouver and locally, Transition House, Warm Place, Abbotsford Food Bank, and the Starfish Backpack program.

In February 2020, we became a member of Affirm United and committed to being Public, Intentional, and explicit (PIE) about our welcome of All of God's beloved Children. We affirmed our welcome for the members of the LGBTQ2S+ community. 

The congregation of Trinity Memorial will continue to accept the challenges that the future will bring and walk through the open doors that beckon them.