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This is a devotional booklet created by the clergy and laity of the Mid-Fraser Cluster, to help
you stay connected faithfully during the Season of Creation, which starts at the beginning of
September to Thanksgiving. There will be a focus passage read/preached on each Sunday,
virtually, but the 2 devotions offered each week compliment that Creation Theme. The themes,
in order, are: Creation in General, Land, Wilderness, Forest, Rivers/Cosmos, and Thankfulness.
Each devotion offers you a scripture passage, reflection, questions for personal reflection, and a
prayer for you to engage and contemplate.
May this be a sacred time for you as we continue during the struggles of social isolation in times
of Covid-19. Instead of remembering our struggles and difficulties, this is meant as a tool to
uplift you and remember that Creation is all around us and can be cause for appreciation,
recognition, and connection to God, our Creator.