Wave Of Light Service

Wave Of Light Service

Wave of Light Service 

The month of October has been designated as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, pregnancy and infant Loss impacts families and generations globally, it does not discriminate and is a highly sensitive and personal matter, Whether they are lost during pregnancy through miscarriage or still birth, or lost after birth due to SIDS or other causes, statistics show that 1 in 4 infants will not achieve their first birthday

On October 15th we remember All the little angels that have gone before us. All babies born sleeping Those we've carried but never met. Those we've held but could not come home. The ones that came home but could not stay.  

The International Wave of Light travels around the world by lighting candles at 7pm in your time zone. Being on the West Coast, we are the final leg of the Lights Journey. Light a candle at 7pm wherever you are in the world.  

On Sunday October 15th, please join us at Trinity Memorial United Church 

From 6-9pm as we gather to remember all the angels in our lives and around the world. We invite participants to share their stories and reflect openly about their experiences. Grief and sorrow should not be borne alone. We are all connected by a similar story that cannot be kept silent anymore.   Luella Ryan and her family raise money for Sudden Infant Death Research.  She will be happy to talk you about it and happy to receive your donations for this important work.  Luella will have information available the after worship during fellowship time for you to review.  

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