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  Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

The gathering of God’s People in prayer for hope and unity.

Abbotsford, January 21 - 25, 2019 “Justice and only justice you shall pursue”  

Monday, January 21, 12:15 pm St. Ann’s Catholic - 33333 Mayfair Ave.  

“Let justice roll down like water.”  

Tuesday, January 22, 12:15 pm Peace Lutheran Church – 2029 Ware St.

“Let your word be “Yes, Yes, or No, No”.”  

Wednesday, Jan. 23, 12:15 pm Mt. Lehman United Church – 4-6256 Mt. Lehman Rd.           

“The Lord is Gracious and merciful to all.”  

Thursday, Jan 24, 12:15 pm St. Matthew Anglican - 2010 Guilford Drive              

“Be content with what you have”  

Friday, Jan. 25, 12:15 pm Emmanuel Mennonite - 3471 Clearbrook Road              

“To bring good news to the poor.”