The Reverend Bill Booth
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Position based on 10 hours per week for term of 2 years, starting date to be negotiated.



The Mid Fraser Cluster consists of five separate United Church Faith Communities (congregations): Aldergrove, Mt. Lehman, St. Andrews (Mission), Trinity (Abbotsford) and Gladwin Heights (Abbotsford). 

The role of the Cluster Animator is to guide the congregations of the Mid Fraser Cluster in implementing and supporting transformative shared programs of the five Cluster churches.  It is a two-year position responsible to leadership of the five congregations through the regular Cluster group meetings.  The Cluster Animator will help the Cluster group bring to life new initiatives that will transform the way we do Church. This Animator will be primarily self-directed with only indirect supervision from Cluster leadership. This position would lead the Cluster with challenging, visioning, inspiring, truth speaking, and hope making circumstances We need our Animator to say both “you are doing great” and “you can do more.”

Goals of the position:

·         To solidify the working relationship between the five Faith Communities of the Cluster.

·         To find and encourage a shared ministry that each Faith Community feels a strong ownership for.

·         To build and strengthen a self-sustaining structure for the shared work of the Cluster ·         To transform the way the five Faith Communities work together.

·         To create a framework for successful cooperation between the Faith communities of the Cluster.