Rose Supeene
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Message from our Managing Director

The whispering started early January and it even reached those of us tucked away in the quiet village of Naramata. When will the summer programs be released? When will we be back at the Centre? What will it look like this year? Rest assured my friends that time is almost upon us. However; to quote my favourite segment from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, MEANWHILE….   Philosophers agree that the Centre does continue to impact lives outside of your favourite summer week.   Naramata 2020 is about the entire year and includes strategic goals such as:   Delivering leading edge, thought provoking programs; Delivering a variety of spiritual practice programs; Increasing youth/young adult participation; and Reducing our footprint on land.   We launched 2020 with spring program opportunities for everyone. Bring your friends and family for a March break getaway, find your quiet space in a retreat setting, treat the caregivers in your life to a weekend designed just for them or just enjoy the spring in the Okanagan. Our spring program offering is ambitious and we are choosing to DARE GREATLY .

Inclusive and transformational change sometimes requires us to push outside of our comfort zones and disrupt our routines. We have created the space for you to do just that.   Leading into summer; in my last update I alluded to a new summer Community Life Model. A model that will more closely reflect the impact we have on our summer participants.

Approximately 55% of our participants register for programs, yet we strive to create community for 100% of our participants. We believe our new model will begin that process. Community Life weeks, starting this summer, may only be booked for blocks of seven days and Community Life will begin the moment you register for your summer week. You will be introduced, via a separate Facebook event page, to the other participants registered for the week and together we will begin the process of co-creating your community life experience. Not on Facebook? No worries, we will ensure you are kept in the loop and have an opportunity to contribute. We will transform our first gathering from an initial meet and greet to a gathering of participants who have already shared of themselves in the community group page. Perhaps your group, with guidance from our Community Life Leader online, will be ready to bring forward ideas on: thought-provoking topics for conversations that matter, hikes through the KVR, youth music jams, finger painting for the child in all of us, etc. The possibilities are only limited by our imaginations.

 Go to: https://www.naramatacentresociety. for a full listing of 2020 programs