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The Reverend Bill Booth Retirement:

After 10 years of faithful service, The Reverend Bill Booth will be retiring and moving with his wife to be closer to his family in Alberta. We will miss him dearly as he has been an integral part of our family.

To The Reverend Bill Booth: Thank you for blessing our Church with humble leadership, heartfelt ministry, and. a deep love of the Lord. Thank you for blessing our Church with your humble leadership, heartfelt ministry, all the baptisms, confirmations, memberships, weddings, funerals - the list goes on. We will miss your bible studies, the quiet talks in reflection, your Sermons, and your deep love of the Lord.  Thank you for the difference you’ve made in our lives and that of so many others as Pastor, Teacher, Counsellor, and Friend while you guided us, taught us, and inspired us to become one with the Holy Spirit and become disciples of His Word in our daily lives. We wish you all the goodness and love ...

To Kelly: Thank you for all your service, devotion, friendship, endearing and unwavering support. You are a pillar of strength and support and will be dearly missed as well. Our friend, support, and teacher. May you both have safe travels and a wonderful retirement where you cherish all your memories with your family members and the new connections you will make. You will never be forgotten.


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