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Sunday worship begins in person September 5. Service begins at 10 am. Masks are mandatory. Services will continue to be on line on zoom.

 Starting on Nov 14th we will be checking vaccine passports on Sunday mornings.  We will keep a list of attendees as we have been doing and when you have confirmed your vaccine status we don't need to check again. We know this is frustrating but want to keep everyone safe.  The board struggled with the decision not to permit non vaccinated individuals from returning and joining our worship. We hope that this is a temporary measure and that soon we will be able to return without restrictions.  


Zoom Information

Ways to Join:

 Sunday morning Worship: On your computer or tablet on ZOOM online Worship.   You may need to enter this password 839660.  

NOTE that you can always go the Zoom Website at and click "join a meeting" and enter the meeting ID 578-318-6702 and the password 839660

 watching live on youtube. youtube live worship.

By phone - call 1 778 907 2071 after connecting when asked enter  578 318 6702 and then when asked enter this password 839660

 We are finally nearing the time when we are permitted to have in person worship.  I know that some of you will be hesitant to re-enter in person experiences. I certainly have mixed feelings.  The news is still a bit scary, however, if you are fully vaccinated and don’t have any immune system issues you are quite safe according to the most recent medical reasoning. Yet we cannot help but continue to worry about variants and the rising number of cases. Presently at Step 3 of the Public Health orders opening we are permitted in person worship of up to 50% capacity or 50 people whichever is less as long as everyone can have appropriate distance. Considering this we are inviting folks start coming back to Sunday worship as of Sept 5th, however, there are restrictions and limitations. We ask you to wear a mask during worship. We will continue streaming the worship service and provide a zoom online experience. You can expect better quality online worship with our new streaming technology.   When you arrive for Sunday worship, give your name to the greeter for our records. A self-check card will be given to you with the questions: “Feeling well, no Cough, no headache, vaccinated, have been mostly Local & Home” We are not collecting this information, but everyone can use this as a guide to decide if they should stay in the public worship space. The pews will be marked with seating suggestions to maximize the distances between individuals.  You are, of course, welcome to sit close in your own social bubble.  One reassuring way of making your decision to attend in person is to use the BC Covid assessment tool at  We request you wear a mask while in the church as a precaution.  We know that many of you will choose to remain at home and worship online.  We recommend that if you are not vaccinate that you continue accessing our Sunday worship online for the time being.