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Boy Erased: A Memoir is a 2016 memoir by Garrard Conley recounting his childhood in a fundamentalist Arkansas family that enrolled him in conversion therapy. The Week stated it aims to bridge the cultural divide – "one that makes gay conversion therapy seem a natural choice in some places and unfathomable in others". The only child of a car salesman and soon-to-be Baptist pastor, Conley was "terrified and conflicted about his sexuality". At nineteen, while in college, he was outed as gay to his parents and given the choice of being disowned or being subjected to gay conversion therapy that promised to cure his homosexuality.The timing came as his father was about to be ordained as a Baptist minister. Conley was enrolled in a Love in Action ex-gay program, and recounts the harm he was subjected to there in the name of curing his sexuality. The Bay Area Reporter noted, "Conley's memoir oscillates between his revelations, good and bad, during time spent in the fold of the ex-gay ministry during his two-week stint in the 'Source' trial program, and his personal and familial history [that led up to] induction in the program." He recounts the months of counseling he underwent followed by a two-week intensive intervention.

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