We are delighted to offer wedding ceremonies to couples from our community.  We consider a wedding as an covenant between the couple and God and offer a Christian wedding service in our sanctuary. 

Here are a few things you might want to know.

1. We are happy to preform same gender weddings.

2. We have a wedding coordinator who helps to make the service go smoothly.

3. If the service is in our church we require our minister to perform the ceremony. 

4. We have an organist or pianist to accompany your service however you can choose to use prerecorded music if you wish. 

5. You will be required to meet with the minister and coordinator a few times to prepare for your wedding day.

6. The minister will have some discussion with you about nurturing your relationship however if possible you will be encouraged to participate in a marriage preparation program of your choice or as recommended by the minister. 

7. Fees: Coordinator $100, Organist or pianist $100, Sanctuary use $150, Minister $150.   Members of the church are not required to pay the Sanctuary fee or the Minister honorarium. 

8. Please consult with the minister to confirm his availablity and to make an appointment.  [email protected]