Memorials and Grief

Memorials and Grief

Dear Friends

If you arrived at this page because of a recent loss be assured we understand.  We believe that there is no where in this sacred universe where your sorrow is felt more than in the heart of God. God does not abandon us in our sorrow but embraces us in our time of loss. 

It is because of this we know that we are called as God's church to live out God's compassion by offering  memorial services.  We will celebrate the life of your loved one with you.  Our minister will meet with you to discuss plans for the service and provide you with support in your grieving.  We can provide facilities for a reception after the service.

We believe in the continuation of existence with God in some way beyond our human understanding. If you seek out our compassionate presence in your time of grief you will served by folks who have also experienced grief.  'We are not alone, we live in God's world"

Things you might need to know:

1. Memorials in our church will need to be led by our minister or another United Church minister.

2. Our church can hold about 240 and we can add about 40 chairs. 

3. We have an organist who can accompainy the service if you wish.

4. We have a projector for a slide show if you wish, either in the service or at the reception.

5. You are welcome to have flowers placed in the sanctuary. 

6. We have a group who provide hospitality and will meet with you earlier in the day to arrange for flowers and pictures. 

7. We have a group who hosts the reception providing tea and coffee at a per person cost.

8. You are welcome to bring in deli prepared food or to have a caterer provide food.

9. There are accessible washrooms on the same level as the sanctuary. 

10. Fees: Organist $100, Sanctuary $200, Minister honorarium $150, Reception $5 per person.  (Members are not required to pay sanctuary fee or minister honorariam.) 


Every Fall we remember all those celebrated during the year on the Sunday nearest Nov 1st.  We will invite every family to join us on the Sunday closet to Nov 1st - All Saints Day - and we will light a candle remembering their loved one and acknowledging our loved ones presence with God. 

Just before Christmas we invite folks to join us for a Spirit of Christmas service to prepare for the difficult time of celebrating Christmas without our recently deceased loved one.  Christmas can be a hard time for those who are grieving and we don't want you to feel alone and unacknowledged in your journey.  

Our minister can provide grief counselling to help you through the time of loss and is available by appointment.