Naramata Centre

Naramata Centre

Naramata Centre is abuzz with activity - hiring staff, posting the Program Calendar, preparing for program and accommodations registration, celebrating our 70th anniversary ... and more! Read on for details.       The Spring, Summer and Fall  program calendar is now posted on the Naramata Centre website. Once again, Naramata Centre has a great program season planned with something for everyone this year!   

The Board Program Team has approved 41 programs to run over Spring, Summer and Fall.  Look for seasoned Naramata program leaders as well as a number who are new to the Centre!   For many years the Centre has offered programs for all ages: children, youth, adults, elders, inter-generational, and this year is no exception. There are choices for children each week, as well as numerous music options, yoga and tai chi, meditation and so much more!    Read all about it on our website, so you are ready to register in February.

Registration for programs and accommodations opens February 6th. Watch your email that day for the link to the registration program.    We have built a new system this year that we believe will be more intuitive for users. Phone support will also be available for questions or issues with registration.  

If you are looking for a peaceful retreat from everyday winter, come to the Centre! We offer you quiet surroundings to sink into and relax. Whether you're a writer, an artist, a minister or anyone else looking for tranquil, uninterrupted space to contemplate, create, read or write, this is the place for you!  

Two types of self-contained accommodations are available: East Court for stays up to 30 days and Orchard Court for up to seven days for small groups. Check the Naramata Centre website for details. While you are here, you are welcome to join the local Centre community in activities such as Sacred Pause, yoga, Reiki, spiritual direction and more.   Email: [email protected] for further information or to register.